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What are the Similarities and Differences between Blackberries and Mulberries?

Blackberry and Mulberry: Similarities and Differences

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There are times wherein fruits confuse us because they have similarities with other fruits. Common fruits that confuse us are blackberries and mulberries because people often tell us that these two are the same berries when in fact, one of them is not a even a real berry.

Blackberry is more common than the mulberry. It is the real berry between the two and often found in the regions of South America wherein the climate is temperate enough for these berries to thrive. Blackberries come from the rubus genus as well as the rosaceae family. These berries grow in bushes that have thorns and their bush is often food for other animals that love to eat plants.

Blackberries are rich in Vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and fiber. Blackberries are also a very good source of antioxidants. They are round fruits with black to dark violet in color which is its distinguishing physical characteristic.

Mulberries are often called a berry but in fact they are not real berries. They grow in trees in the regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe. A member of the morus genus as well as moraceae family, mulberries is often mistaken as blackberries because they look like one. They are oval in shape with dark violet to red in color. Sometimes they are mistaken as blueberries. The trees where they grow are home to silk worms. They have the same nutritional qualities of blackberries making it a perfect alternative to those who love blackberries.

Despite the differences between these two fruits, people still often mistake them as the same or similar fruits. Some won’t even believe that mulberries are not even berries. But the good thing about these two fruits is that despite their differences, these two fruits share the same nutritional qualities that make each of them a perfect alternative for each other. Their tastes may be different but eating a mulberry is almost the same as eating a blackberry and the other way around.

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