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How is Bleached Flour is Different from Unbleached Flour?

Difference between Bleached Flour vs. Unbleached Flour?

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There are different varieties of flour and each of them has their own specific uses and provides specific consistencies in the food that is being created with their use. Bleached and unbleached flour

Bleached Flour
Bleach flour is flour that is bleached with the use of artificial additives which increases the process of aging. The flour is white and has a softer consistency than the unbleached flour. This makes the food look appealing and even makes the food texture great. Foods and pastries that are being made with the use of bleached flour include pancakes, waffles, cookies, crusts, and pie. Oftentimes loaf breads are being baked with the use of bleached flour rather than the unbleached because it the bread will have a better texture and looks good to eat. It will also have a larger volume which makes it even more appealing.
Bleached flour is made by adding a bleaching agent and makes the flour softer. Some people however, do not like to eat pastries and bread prepared with the use of bleached flour because they can taste the bleaching additive which is bitter.

Unbleached Flour
Unbleached flour is made by naturally letting the flour undergo its aging process without adding additives such as bleach. Although the flour will have a soft texture once it is ready, the process would take a long time and it will cause the flour to turn into yellowish in color. This type of flour is often being used in making Yorkshire puddings, yeast bread, Danish pastries, popovers, and cream puffs. Oftentimes the texture of the food will not be as good as the ones made from bleached flour; unbleached flour has a higher nutritional content. It contains protein which is why people who are conscious about their health tend to choose pastries made from unbleached flour.

The downside of unbleached flour is that the texture it produces is not as good compared with the bleached flour and the food will not look as appealing compared to its counterpart.

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