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What is the differences between a Taco vs. a Burrito?

In Mexican Cuisines how are Tacos and Burritos different?

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Tacos and burritos are popular Mexican food that has evolved over time and became available worldwide. Even though they are purely Mexican, other countries such as the United States have created their own versions by filing them with other ingredients. In the case of USA, they add more cheese to these two cuisines.

For those who do not know the main difference between a taco and a burrito, their differences go beyond the size of the food. Tacos are the original and they are a lot smaller than the burritos. This food has been the favorite of Mexicans since the ancient times. Burritos on the other hand were developed by a business man who wanted to create a cuisine that would limit the use of plate. Thus burrito was born and because it should be eaten as a meal, the size is much larger with more fillings enough to satisfy a hungry stomach.

The taco is made by wrapping ingredients in a corn tortilla. The fillings often include meat, onions, carne asada, and some Mexican style sauce. It is just a small serving enough to satisfy taco cravings and a light snack. Burritos are perfect meals on the go and are often stuffed with rice, vegetables, meat, cheese, beans, and many other spices that give its Mexican aroma. Since it is large, a corn taco shell would not be suitable to carry all the ingredients. A wheat tortilla is being used and serves a purpose as an edible plate! Instead of using fork or spoons, people will just munch on the rolled flour tortilla and feel full after eating a one whole burrito.

Burritos and tacos availability worldwide has indeed made them become not only Mexican’s favorite cuisines but an all-time favorite from all corners of the world. They indeed evolved and some restaurants or food stalls have incorporated their own taste and ingredient to make it sellable in their own places. Tacos have become a one stop snack while burritos are the perfect lunch-on-the go for busy people.

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