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What are the Origins of a Cheese?

How is Cheese produced? What is used to make Cheese?

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Cheese is basically made from the curdled milk of mammals such as cows, goats, sheep etc. It has various types like Parmesan and farmer’s cheese. It can also be applied to several recipes depending on the taste of the person cooking it.

Now, how do you make one? Well, for starters, you have to obtain an enzyme called rennet which can be found in a mammal’s stomach preferably that of a calf. If you are on a kosher or vegetable diet, then you can opt to get the rennet from another source. After getting the enzyme, mix it with milk to separate it from whey and for it to turn into a solid curd.

To make the curd completely free of whey, further press and drain it but if you want to preserve a small quantity of whey in your cheese, then you can just drain the curd slightly can produce a cottage cheese. This type of cheese has a mild flavor which makes it a kid’s favorite.

On the other hand, fresh or farmer's cheese is what you will get if you decide to push through with the pressing and draining process. Since this type of chess is fresh, then you must eat it immediately for it spoils in just a couple of hours. Names of well known fresh cheeses are Cas, Neufchatel and Chevres.

After the curd is being pressed, it would now be molded and weighted. The reason why each cheese tastes differently from one another is because it can undergo various types of smoking and brining for the cheese to have a taste that will give it an edge among its competitors.

An extremely flavorful cheese would entail that it is “old” or have been preserved for a long time. Also, they are some flavor factors that are only present in certain parts of the world. Thus, a cheese can certainly have different kinds of flavor.

However, some nations have applied for origin appellations for them to “legally” own their heritage cheeses. For example, if a cheese doesn’t have Penicililum roqueforti and if it’s not preserved in France, then it doesn’t have the right to be called Roquefort cheese by its manufacturer.

As you can see, cheese is indeed one of the most fascinating things in this world because of its wide variation.

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