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What is the difference between Oatmeal vs. Porridge?

How is Oatmeal different from Porridge?

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What is Porridge?

• It is one of North Europe’s traditional meals. Back then, it used to have barley as its main ingredient. Yellow peas and other grains were also sometimes used in the traditional kind of porridge. We can say that the porridge which people had in the past was a versatile dish.
• It refers to any grain which is hotly served in a cereal’s shape during breakfast time.
• It is a simple dish which consists of crushed oats that are carefully boiled.
• It usually consists of whole but cracked oats.
• It is a breakfast meal that contains warm water or cream and milk together with oats.
• Other porridge versions can contain semolina, cornmeal, barley, peasemeal, rice, wheat and milk.

What is Oatmeal?

• It originally came from the kitchens of Scotland.
• The traditional oatmeal from Scotland has fine powder from carefully grinded oats.
• It used to be eaten by peasants alone which made other people underestimate this food for a very long time.
• It is a form of porridge.
• It is basically grinded and processed oats. Bran is removed in the oats which are used in oatmeal.
• It can simply be oats which are coarsely grounded but it can also contain cut oats from oatmeal cookies, rolled oats or crushed oats.
• It is usually steel cut or rolled only.
• Nevertheless, you can always bake oatmeal and turn it into delicious cookies.
• It contains cream or milk.
• Actually, this meal had low importance in the past.
• However, it is recently becoming a preferred breakfast meal over porridge. This comes as no surprise since oatmeal is undeniably tastier than porridge.
• It greatly aids in bowel movement and it helps lessen cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

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