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How is Margarine Different From Butter?

What are the differences between Margarine vs. Butter?

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What is Margarine?

• It is a food product that is not natural. but this doesn’t make butter a better choice for a sandwich spread.
• It is made from several refined oils such as vegetable oils.
• However, it has vitamins that are beneficial for the human body.
• It is actually a healthier product compared to butter because of its low fat content.
• A few margarine brands have milk as their emulsifier but most of them don’t possess dairy fat content.
• It is fairly cheaper than butter. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, then you can consider buying a margarine brand for your whole family.
• If you want a vegetable alternative and kosher to a butter spread, then you would just have to look for a margarine which doesn’t have animal oil in it.
• If you are someone who is allergic to dairy products, then you are definitely not advised to consume margarine to provide your body the amount of calcium that it needs.

What is Butter?

• It is a food product that is generally natural.
• It has the fatty cream of the milk of a cow as its main ingredient.
• It contains salt as well.
• It has natural cholesterol and total saturated fat.
• However, it doesn’t have a lot of nutrients in it such as calcium and it certainly has a high level of fat.
• It is produced by the process called churning. Churning makes the butter thicker.
• Milk fats are naturally separated through this process.
• They are seized in suspension as well.
• Butter is usually more expensive than the standard margarine.
• To prevent a butter from spoiling, you would need to keep it refrigerated in a certain level of temperature.

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