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What things makes a Stew distinct From a Soup?

What is the difference between a stew and a soup?

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What is a Stew?

• It is what you call a hearty soup or a soup which has more “filling”.
• It can satisfy your hunger more compared to a soup. That’s the reason why stews can usually be found under the list of main dishes in a certain menu.
• It has potatoes, vegetables and meat as its ingredients.
• It even has flour, water and puree for it to acquire a thicker texture.
• It’s a food that needs to be slowly cooked or boiled gently for it to be more flavorful.
• It is a recipe which often has a warm serving due to its lengthy cooking process or to its cook’s preference.
• It looks more like gravy than a broth.
• It is a recipe that’s thicker than a soup for it has minimal water.

What is a Soup?

• It is a common side dish at home and even in restaurants.
• It can usually be found in a deep plate or bowl.
• It’s a recipe which can have vegetables, meat and pasta as its ingredients.
• It usually uses garnishes, condiments and other seasonings.
• It is a recipe that can be served in a fast manner. It doesn’t take an hour to be cooked.
• It can always be reheated for later consumption.
• It may be cooked or not like the fruit soup which is a favorite dessert by many.
• It’s a food that can have a cold or hot serving.
• It is a recipe which is thinner than a stew for it doesn’t have any fruit juice or milk ingredient. It often uses broth and a lot of water instead.

Recipes That Can Either Be a Stew or a Soup

• Brunswick stew
• Miso soup
• Gumbo stew
• Wonton soup

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