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What are the Best Foods to Alleviate Heartburn?

What foods can get rid of Heartburn? How can I relieve heartburn?

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Many people are wondering about what foods can cause heartburn, and the measures they can take to prevent it. There is some information focusing on heartburn relief associated with food intake, but prevention, as they say, is always better than cure. Preventing heartburn, instead of treating it when it has happened, must be the primary concern. Heartburn can be life-threatening because it causes abrasion of the stomach lining, thereby leading to other conditions like asthma. It is also commonly associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and stomach ulcer.

If you experience heartburn once a week or on any irregular basis, you ought to review what foods you have been consuming. It is best to stay away from spicy and fatty foods, dark green vegetables, and carbonated and alcoholic beverages. If you encounter heartburn on a weekly basis, it is advisable to keep a food diary to trace the possible triggers.

Heartburn is commonly experienced by people who eat three large meals per day compared to those who eat six smaller meals in one day. Not sitting properly, especially when eating in bed, and eating two hours before sleeping, can cause heartburn. On the other hand, moving around, such as walking after eating, is advisable because this helps stimulate the digestive tract to minimize stomach acid problems.

While it's best to avoid foods that aggravate heartburn, there are some that can relieve it, but the case may be different if you already have GERD or stomach ulcer. To alleviate heartburn symptoms, ingredients like ginger and mint can help. Common spices like fennel and cayenne can also be added to your meals to help with the discomfort.

Papaya can counter the symptoms of heartburn quite effectively, too. This fruit contains enzymes that help in digesting food without producing excess acid in the stomach. Although papaya is not always available, many food stores sell products that contain papaya enzymes. Yogurt, meanwhile, contains millions of good live bacteria to enhance and promote nutrition.

Drinking milk also helps relieve heartburn. In fact, experts advise eating foods rich in fiber and calcium to stimulate proper digestion. If you are not allergic to milk or dairy products, you can truly benefit from their healing properties. If you are lactose intolerant, however, there are many non-dairy products that have just as much calcium as milk.

What you should remember, above anything else, is that heartburn can be more than just a disease in itself. In some cases, it can be a mere symptom of an underlying disorder. Make it a point to consult your doctor to further assess your condition. Avoid ignoring any unusual symptoms because neglecting them may cause considerable damage to your digestive system.

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