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What does Mountain Dew Mouth mean?

I the heard the phrase Mountain Dew Mouth, but what does it mean exactly?

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This is actually a conditioned that was named after Mountain Dew, beverage by Pepsi Co. Some regions in the United States, especially in Appalachia, have increased incidence of Mountain Dew because of poor dental hygiene and poor access to healthcare. Also, another reason why this condition is named after a soda product is because people along these poor regions oftentimes drink Mountain Dew. A large number of adolescents and adults were reported to drink Mountain Dew regularly. Even babies were being fed with Mountain Dew which is common in their regions. Because of poor access to healthcare and probably education, people have no idea that there practice is ruining their health.

Mountain Dew actually has one of the highest levels of caffeine and has very high sugar content. Frequent consumption of this soda will lead to tooth decay. Unfortunately, dentists also found out that babies and toddlers have cavities and tooth decays on their baby teeth which eventually will lead to Mountain Dew Mouth. Dentists along these regions are trying their best to educate people the health risk especially dental conditions that may occur with too much soda intake and poor dental hygiene.

Other sugary food such as candies, other soda brands, sweets, and many others will precipitate this condition. However, people along the Appalachia have a high preference of Mountain Dew because of its taste and the effects of high caffeine in the body.

Dentists treat Mountain Dew Mouth depending on the severity of the condition. Severe cases would often lead to tooth replacements or jacket crowns. Sometimes it may lead to tooth extraction. Some milder cases were treated with fillings to preserve the teeth. Dentists, however, stressed the importance of dental hygiene and bad effects of high sugar intake. Dentists are also looking forward to more accessible health and dental care in these poor regions.

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