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What are Date Fruits?

What are Date Fruits? Where are date fruits grown?

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Date Fruit

• It is a fruit coming from a date palm. A date palm has the scientific name of Phoenix dactylifera. It has widely spread greenish leaves and a maximum height of 82 feet. Moreover, a date palm provides shelter, animal feed and fuel to humankind.
• It has been grown for several decades already which makes it one of the oldest cultivated tree crops in the world.
• This fruit is called kimri meaning unripe in the Arabian language if it’s still in its early ripening stage. Dates in this stage have the color yellow.
• The next stage for this fruit is khalal which is the Arabian word for full sized but crunchy.
• The second to the last stage would be rutab which means ripe and soft in Arabian.
• The last stage of this fruit is when it is already allowed to dry under the heat of the sun.
• It grows in clusters which can be found below the palm’s leaves.
• It can be found all over the world but it originally came from Middle East and Northern Africa. This is the reason why this fruit is often seen in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.
• It has various types such as medjool, noor and Black Sphinx dates.
• It varies in amounts of honey and natural sugars depending on its type.
• It can be found in desserts and it can also serve as your snack when properly dried. Dried dates are offered all year round in your local grocery stores.
• However, excessively dried dates are not that edible because of their leathery and extremely dried flesh.
• It can be eaten fresh as well. Unfortunately, fresh dates are seasonal and they are only available in specialty markets
• It is basically a fruit suited for travelers because it doesn’t rot easily inside a bag.

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