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Why is it called Canadian Bacon?

What makes Canadian Bacon so speical? What are the Types of Canadian Bacon?

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If you want to try a different kind of processed meat, then you should look for a Canadian bacon. However, this product comes in varied forms which are based on the country where it came from. If you would ask for Canadian bacon from an American, he or she will give you something similar to the standard bacon. If you would ask a British or a Canadian to get this item, then you can expect to receive a product that’s completely different from the bacon that you have known.

The Canadian bacon in the United States is typically called "back bacon" in other nations. It is called that way because its meat came from the back of a pig to give the product a leaner shape. It is cooked like the standard bacon but more sugar is added to the item to make it sweeter and because of that, it has become a favorite topping in American pizzas.

Its minimum fat content has also made it famous in omelets. It can easily be found in grocery stores and it’s available in chunks which you can cut up for yourself.

The Canadian bacon in UK and Canada is called peameal bacon. It was given that name because of its crust which has peas and yellow cornmeal as its ingredients. Its meat also came from the back of a pig but it actually has the combination of salt and sugar in its taste. It can either be an instant meal or parbaked so just take note of its label for you to know which type you got.

Canadian bacon is actually more similar to a ham based on its texture, taste and size. It’s juicy and has a fat that doesn’t go crisp compared to the standard bacon. That is because that part of the Canadian bacon is destined to stay soft once it reaches your mouth.

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