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What are some unique characteristics of Belgian Chocolate?

What is Belgian Chocolate?

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All About Belgian Chocolate
• It the chocolate that sets the standard among its fellow chocolates. If a chocolate is not Belgian, then you have reasons to doubt its quality
• It’s a high quality chocolate. It’ something that you can’t buy in an ordinary shop.
• It is the reason why Swiss chocolates exist. Swiss have patterned their chocolates from the Belgian
• It has been a well-known chocolate since the 18th century so, you can say that this product is not new to the market anymore.
• It became more popular in 1912 because of Jean Neuhaus’ new process of making chocolate. He introduced “pralines” to the public. These are Belgian chocolates that can contain other chocolates, fruits, hazelnuts, coffee, creams and nougats. This is a special feature that you can’t just find in any other type of chocolate
• It is mostly made using traditional methods. People in Belgian chocolate shops don’t use machines in producing their chocolates. They manually form the treats that they offer to the public.
• It is composed of grounded cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar. Its ingredients may seem ordinary but its taste can surely blow your mind.
• It is evened out with the use of added heat. This is the reason why Belgian chocolates look so exquisite.
• It smells more delicious than other chocolates. That’s what makes it different from other chocolate varieties.
• Heated tanker trucks are used in delivering Belgian chocolates so there’s no need for shops to reheat them.
• Its price may not come cheap but it’s a chocolate that’s truly worthy of your money.
• It’s the perfect craving or gift for the most special occasions in your life
• Shops offering Belgian chocolates are always visited by tourists. These chocolates are that good.
• If you’re looking for authentic Belgian chocolate pralines, then visit shops such as Nirvana, Godiva, Neuhaus and Leonidas

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