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How to Distinguish a Cabbage from a Lettuce?

Differences between a Cabbage vs. a Lettuce?

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Cabbage and lettuce are among the favorite green leafy vegetables on Earth. They are among the green leafy vegetables that can provide us with nutrients needed to fuel our body. Discussed below are some of the differences that will distinguish a cabbage from a lettuce.

Both have green leaves however, their structure differs. Belonging to the Brassicaceae or Cruciferae family, cabbage has a short stem and a bulb-like head. They are often green in color but some types of cabbage have purple to reddish leaves. Oftentimes, the inner leaves are eaten. Cabbage derived its name from the terms “Normanno-Picard caboche” which means “head” in English. The leaves are tightly packed together that is why these leaves are being separated upon preparation.

Lettuce also has small stems and plenty of leaves, but unlike cabbage, the stem and leaves lengthens as the plant grows. Its name is derived from the Latin word “lac” which means milk. It is lighter than cabbage and the leaves are not tightly packed.

Nutritional Value
Both of these green leafy vegetables have plenty of nutrients. Cabbage is a great source of glutamine which can help in inflammatory-related illnesses due to its anti-inflammatory properties. People with respiratory papillomatosis would benefit a lot from cabbages because indol-3-carbinol can be found in cabbages.

Lettuce on the other hand is equally nutritious and it is a good source of folic acid and Vitamin A. Pregnant women can benefit greatly from eating lettuce because of its high folic acid content. It is also low in calorie content and fat free.

These two green leafy vegetables should always be served in our platter daily. Not only they are nutritious but they can also help fight certain illnesses. Those who eat large servings of vegetables have low risk in developing heart-related illnesses and often have low fat content in the body.

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