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What's the Difference Between Halal vs. Kosher?

What Makes Halal Different From Kosher?

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The Similarity between Halal and Kosher

• They are laws which dictate how Jewish and Muslim people should prepare their food.

What is Halal?

• It is an Arabic term which means permissible.
• It pertains to sheep and cattle in the Muslim culture.
• Goose, duck, shellfish, wild hens and rabbit are also viewed as halal.
• Halal allows Muslims to mix meat and dairy.
• In halal, enzymes which are derived from non halal animals are not allowed to be eaten by Muslims.
• Drugs, liquors, wines and other intoxicating alcohols are prohibited to be consumed by Muslims as well.
• It is a ritual which requires Muslims to utter God’s name in every animal that they kill to serve as their food.
• In halal, slaughtering can be performed by any Muslim who has the right mind set and who is of legal age.
• It is a word which is being stated in Quran.

What is Kosher?

• It is a Hebrew term which means fit or proper.
• It is a food law that prohibits Jews from eating geese, ducks, shellfish, wild hens and rabbits. However this law is not strict when it comes to the animals which Jews get their enzymes from.
• It refers to fore quarter of sheep or cattle in the Jewish culture. The hindquarter of these animals is viewed as non-Kosher.
• Meat and dairy should never be mixed in kosher.
• All types of wines are allowed to be drunk by Jews in kosher.
• In this ritual, Jews don’t mention God’s name every time they slaughter an animal. They believe that this practice of the Muslims is just a waste of time. However, they pray on the first and the last animal which they kill in slaughter houses.
• In kosher, only the Sachet (one type of Rabbi) is allowed to kill animals for food purposes. He will be trained for this procedure.
• It is a word which can be found in the Torah and in the Holy Bible.

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