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What makes a Clementine Different From a Tangerine?

Difference between a Clementine and a Tangerine?

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If you’re someone who’s into fruits, then you would surely be delighted with these informative facts about clementines and tangerines.

The Similarity between a Clementine and a Tangerine

• They both belong to the family of mandarins.
• They both contain a lot of vitamins

The Things Which Make a Clementine Different

• This fruit was brought to North America in 1914.
• It is also being grown in Spain and Morocco for European fruit enthusiasts.

• It is preferred by many compared to tangerines.
• It has a sweet taste and it usually doesn’t have any seed. Clementines having seeds occur only when they undergo cross pollination.
• It easier to peel and it can be divided up to fourteen equal parts.
• Its rind or outer covering is smooth to touch and it’s extremely shiny.
• It is a berry which has mandarin orange oil.
• It contains more protein than tangerines.
• It has the botanical name of Citrus reticulata.
• Clementines can help you get the tension, anxiety and stress out of your system. However, you are not advised to put it on your skin when you’re extremely exposed to the sun for it can damage your skin layer.

The Things Which Make a Tangerine Different

• Tangerines were first grown in Japan and China 300 decades ago.
• They only became known in western countries during the 1990s.
• This fruit has citrus characteristics.
• It has seeds (with or without pollination) and a bit of a sour taste.
• It has the color orange.
• It contains more fat content and carbohydrates than clementines.
• It has the botanical name of Citrus tangerine.
• It can give you a browner tan.
• Dried tangerine powder serves as a great skin product as well.

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