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What is the main difference between Corianders and Cilantros?

Are Corianders and Cilantros the same or different?

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Parsley (Chinese), coriander and Cilantro are terms which refer to one herb. Thus, they are not distinct from one another. It’s just that coriander is commonly used in Southeast Asia and Middle East while the term cilantro is more famous in Latin America.

The Herb’s Origin

Actually, this ingredient doesn’t have a definite origin. People who have insomnia or extreme anxiety in Iran use this herb to ease their condition while Indians consider this herb as a cooking ingredient which improves one’s digestion. The ancient Greeks were also known for using the herb in their cuisine.

What Does It Look Like?

• The herb has a similar appearance to parsley, fennel and carrots.
• It has leaves which are feathery and have a bright green color.
• It has stalks and seeds unlike no other plant.
• It is made from the herb’s seeds when made available in the market.
• It is also called as Coriandrum sativum which refers to the Greek word for coriander.

What Are the Things That Can’t Be Found in a Good Coriander?

• slime
• leaves which don’t have an even green color
• wilted parts

A healthy coriander must have bunches which have a crisp bright green color.

How does it Taste?

• Its seeds make a dish crunchier and brisker.
• It has a piquant flavor which makes it compatible with spicy ingredients, chilies, soups in Thailand and burritos in Mexico.

Planting Your Own Cilantro

• Cilantros can grow in a small garden or you can put them in containers if you don’t have one.

Benefits of Having Your Own Cilantro

• It gives you easier access to their roots which are not usually seen in the market.
• It reseeds itself which gives you an unlimited source of fresh cilantros that you can easily get whenever you want to.

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