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To stay healthy what should we eat?

What should we eat to maintain good health?

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Hi Valeria,

Healthy food and good health go hand in hand. I think people who eat good food devoid of fat and excess of carbohydrates keep themselves disease free.
We need to eat different food groups to get all the important nutrients. A balanced diet of essential nutrients is needed in order to live a life which is free of illness. The main food groups are
3. Pulses and cereals
4. Milk and milk products
5.Poultry, meat and fish

There is a common perception that excluding unhealthy foods from your diet is the way to live healthy. But we should not forget that healthy diet is not all about cutting what you are eating but it’s all about including nutritious foods which are valuable for your health. You can see the long list of foods which are excellent for improving our health such as nuts, beetroots, green leafy vegetables, oats and many more. In today's changing environment, you can update yourself by the help of blogs written by Boris Wolfman and others, who can assist you to know about the healthy foods and the way of living healthy lifestyle.

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