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What are Chitlins?

What are Chitlins and where can they be purchased?

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Basic Details About Chitlins

What are Chitlins?

• also known as chitterlings
• They came from the intestines of a pig
• They are usually cooked in the southern part of America
• The African-Americans were the first fans of this food.
• They undergo a lengthy preparation and clean up process.
• They are often served during Christmas and Thanksgiving Day only for they take hours to be cooked.
Its Origins

• Chitlins were first cooked by slaves in the US during the ancient period of time for they weren’t allowed to taste the meat of a pig because of their social status. Nevertheless, they treated this food as a luxury during the winter season.
• A performing venue was even named after the famous food during the 19th century. That place was called Chitlin' Circuit.

Where Can They Be Bought?

• You can buy chitlins from butchers who specialize in them. You can either ask for your friend’s recommendation or search over the World Wide Web for this matter.

Making Sure That Your Purchased Chitlins Are Clean

• A few butchers may not take the initiative to have their chitlins cleaned before putting them in their respective stalls. Thus, you would have to do this step on your own. This is to prevent you from acquiring bacteria such as salmonella, yersinia and E. Coli.

Actually, you just need to separate any extra fat or fecal matter from the chitlins that you have bought. Also, don’t forget to have it boiled for a minimum of five minutes.

• Fever, bleeding, diarrhea and severe stomach pain can be yours if you fail to do the things mentioned above. Worse, if you were able to feed contaminated chitlins to your grandparents or children, they might end up in the hospital to remove the bacteria from their body.

Cooking the Chitlins

• Chitlins need to be cooked in an open area to prevent your house from acquiring its slightly foul smell.
• The smell eventually goes away until the food is cooked and it actually tastes good despite its odor.
• You can have chitlins deep fried or you can make soups and stews out of them. Condiments (spicy) and mustard go well with deep fried chitlins
• This food actually tastes like calamari.

International Cuisines

Other countries have their own versions of this well known food too. Below are some foreign chitlins recipes:

• Jiangsi Chao Dachang – China’s stir-fried intestines
• Tricandilles – France’s grilled intestines
• Makchang – Korea’s grilled intestines

The intestines of cows and sheep are being cooked all over the world as well.

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