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What has more holes a Pepper Shaker or a Salt Shaker?

Does a Pepper Shaker have more Holes Than a Salt Shaker?

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There is really no definite answer to this question. If you would take a look at traditional condiment shakers, a pepper shaker contains 2 holes while a salt shaker contains 4. However, modern condiment shakers now have 2 holes for a pepper shaker and 3 holes for a salt shaker. Moreover, pepper shakers in United Kingdom have 4 or more holes while its buddy salt shaker has a single hole alone.

A few people argue that salt shakers should have lesser holes but these holes should be huge ones. This is because salt particles are definitely bigger and heavier than ground pepper. However, other state that salt shakers are required to have plenty of holes for it makes a food more flavorful compared to pepper. Any food without salt would certainly taste awful while the world can certainly live without pepper.

People who are conscious about their health state that salt shakers must have fewer holes. They just can’t take seeing their family members use the mentioned shaker without considering the amount of salt in their food already. On the other hand, since pepper doesn’t have any serious effect when taken excessively, then its shaker can have more holes according to a dietician’s point of view.

Condiment shakers which can easily be disposed are now available in the market. Plus, it has been noted than disposable salt shakers certainly have more holes compared to a pepper shaker. On the other hand, some food professionals are recommending people to use salt and pepper mills instead of their standard shakers. Condiment mills are not often used in fast food chains but they can definitely add style and quality to your home made recipes.

Actually, it all comes down to your personal preference. You have the power to assign the condiment that you like to a shaker with more holes so feel free choose between salt and pepper.

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