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What makes frozen yogurt different from ice cream?

In terms of health, how does Frozen Yogurts compare to Ice Creams?

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What makes frozen yogurt different from ice cream?

• It has ingredients which doesn’t include cream.
• It has more nutrients and minerals than the standard ice cream but a few frozen yogurt variations have more fat, calories and sugar content than the latter dessert. Thus, regular yogurt is still healthier than this frozen delight.

Benefits from a Frozen Yogurt

A frozen yogurt has more health benefits compared to a few sorbets and frozen milk and those benefits are listed down below.

• Because of the frozen and sweetened characteristic of a frozen yogurt, it is able to preserve its healthy ingredients.
• It has a great deal of protein which is needed by our bones.
• It has enzymes that are good for one’s digestion of dairy.
• It can be consumed even by lactose intolerants because of those enzymes.

The Process of Making a Frozen Yogurt

The basic yogurt contains milk and bacterial cultures. However, take note that the bacteria which are present in this healthy food are all beneficial to your system so just don’t make a huge fuss out of this fact.

Yogurt then undergoes fermentation with the use of those cultures which results to the production of lactic acid. The mixture thickens basically because of this acid.

Just so you know, live bacteria should be present in the finished product for it to be called as a true yogurt. The bacteria in this product are the ones who will greatly enhance your immune system.

On the other hand, frozen yogurt can be home made since it follows the same procedure in making an ice cream. Instead of cream, yogurt is being placed in the solution of this product together with the same ingredients of the popular dessert. Once the yogurt gets frozen, then you can expect it to melt slower than your favorite ice cream.

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