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What cooking oil is best for frying foods?

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So after doing a little research, I found out you want to choose an oil with a high smoke point when deep frying due to the high temperatures involved. The higher the smoke point, the higher temperature you can deep fry food at without degrading flavor and quality. At its smoke point, an oil will break down and emit smoke, which will give the foods you are frying an unpleasant taste.

Oils that have a high smoke point and are suitable for high-temperature frying (above 230 °C/446 °F) include:
Canola oil (marketed as "rapeseed oil" or, sometimes, simply "vegetable oil" in the UK)
Corn oil
Mustard oil
Olive oil, pomace
Olive oil, extra light
Palm oil
Peanut oil (marketed as "groundnut oil" in the UK)
Rice bran oil
Safflower oil
Sesame oil (semi-refined)
Soybean oil
Sunflower oil

Oils that are suitable for medium-temperature frying (above 190 °C/374 °F) include:
Almond oil
Ghee, Clarified Butter
Cottonseed oil
Grape seed oil
Diacylglycerol (DAG) oil
Olive oil (Virgin, and refined)
Walnut oil
Mustard oil
Unrefined oils should not be used for frying, but are safe for simmering.

As general rule the lighter, more refined oils typically have higher smoke points.

Oils with neutral flavors are often favored by cooks, these include:
Safflower oil
Canola oil
Vegetable shortening
Cooking oil:
Smoke points of various oils:

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