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Differences between an Orange and a Tangerine?

Orange and Tangerine’s Differences?

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Tangerine and orange may look the same, however, these two citrus fruits are different from each other. Let us differentiate them from their sizes, taste, origin, pH levels, and the type of tree they have grown into.

Size and Structure
Tangerine and orange differ greatly in size. Tangerine is the smaller fruit with easily removed rinds and they are a variety of Citrus reticulate. Orange on the other hand is the bigger fruit with a hard skin. Tangerines have softer skin that is easily removed, which makes them a perfect pocket fruit aside from their size.

Tangerines have a slightly sour or tart taste. Oranges on the other hand are sweet but sometimes tend to be very sour.

Trees also differ in sizes. Tangerine trees are smaller and about 20 feet tall. The trees produce flowers that have a sweet smelling scent and glossy leaves. Orange trees on the other hand are taller, about 30 feet and do not produce flowers. They have an evergreen leaves that are arranged in a pattern.

pH Levels and Nutritional Components
These two fruits also differ on their pH levels. Since orange is the bigger fruit, it is more acidic with a pH level of 2.4-3 while tangerine is known to be less acidic probably because of its size. A 100 gram of orange has 9.14 g of sugar, 11.54 g of carbohydrates, 0.21 g of fat, and 0.70 g of protein. Tangerines on the other hand bigger values, with 13.34 g of carbohydrates, 0.31 g of fat, 10.58 g of sugar, and 0.82 g of protein.

The two fruits have very different origins. The two of them comes from Asia but in different areas. Oranges are said to come from the East regions of Asia and got the term “orange” from a Tamil and Dravidian origin. Tangerine has specific origins in China and Japan around 3000 years ago but only reached the European soil in the 19th century wherein it got its name from a place in Morocco called Tangier. Tangier, Morocco is the first European area where tangerines where first shipped from Asia.

Orange and tangerine are both citrus fruits but they are not the same. Though they are considered to be belonging to the same species, orange and tangerine differ in many aspects like their shape, smell and taste.Tangerine is smaller than orange. Tangerine is considered to be excellent pocket foods as they come in small shape and easily removed rinds. Tangerine is a variety of Mandarin orange or Citrus reticulate.Oranges are round citrus fruits much bigger than Tangerine. When talking about the taste, Oranges are sweet and tangerines are less sour or tart than that of oranges.

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