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What Makes Pinto Beans Different From Black Beans?

Difference between Pinto Beans vs. Black Beans?

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What are black beans?

• They were introduced to South Americans 700 decades ago. That was the time that these beans were first used by people in the said region.
• They have a shiny black color. They don’t have a spotted look unlike pinto beans.
• They also go by the name “turtle beans”. You can further search in the Web as to why these beans are given that name.
• They have a hearty and rich flavor. That’s the reason why more people opt to eat black beans than pinto beans.
• They contain cholesterol which is of low level. Thus, they can never cause a blockage in your arteries.
• They have more potassium, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin B1, folate, iron, manganese and molybdenum compared to pinto beans. They definitely have more to offer than the latter kind of beans.
• They contain more protein. Thus, they have the capacity to give you stronger bones.
• They have more fiber. They can serve as an alternative if you run out of fruits at home.
• They have more antioxidants than pinto beans which makes them healthier to eat.
• They can make you look younger if you take them on a regular basis.

What are pinto beans?

• They are beans which became known to Europeans during the 15th century. They became popular in other parts of the world after that century.
• They turn pinkish once they are cooked so don’t worry too much if your pinto beans lose much of their color along the way.
• They have a painted or spotted look. They don’t have a shiny surface.
• Their skin has a brownish background.
• Their marks are of dark reddish brown color.
• They look like the spots that pinto horses have.

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