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Whate are the Common Causes of Feeling Cold After Eating?

Common Causes of Feeling Cold After Eating?

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Digesting the food after each meal is actually a very vital process in the body because from there, all the nutrients that we can get from the food will be broken down and distributed to the body for proper usage. That is why activities after eating, especially large meals, should be looked into. These activities should aid in the proper digestion of the food.

Usually, after meals, it is normal for our body to feel warm and oftentimes sleepy. But feeling cold after eating is not normal and there are a number of reasons why this thing happens to our body. First is that the body is not digesting well. This means that there might be a problem with your digestive enzymes. Another factor to consider is stress. Stress can really do a lot of harm in your body.

According to experts, low in blood count and blood pressure can greatly affect how our bodies work. When digesting, the system is focused on the digestive process, moving away circulation from the extremities and focus on the core for digestion. However, if this is accompanied by low blood pressure and low blood count, it will cause our body to chill and feel cold.

Feeling cold after eating can be avoided easily. One tip is to eat meals with other people such as family members and friends and engage in light, cheerful conversation. This will aid in the process of digestion because feeling good while eating helps in properly metabolizing the food that entered the body. It would also greatly help to walk around for 15 minutes after eating rather than just sitting. This will properly help in the digestive process. If feeling cold is usually felt after eating, better stay away from raw and cold foods especially the frozen ones until you will feel better. Overcooked foods are also not good to eat too since it will give the system a hard time digesting it. However, if you felt cold after eating, a piece of ginger plus a thin slice of lime with a little bit of salt is a good remedy.

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