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What's the difference between Bananas and Plantains?

What Makes Bananas Different From Plantains?

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What are Bananas?

• These fruits have thinner outer covering and they are smaller in size when compared to plantains.
• However, like plantains, they also contain vitamin C, A and fiber.
• They possess anti-oxidants which eliminate free radicals and other harmful substances from the human body.
• They have high potassium content which is useful for individuals who are working out on a regular basis. Potassium also reduces the swelling of muscles after an exercise routine and it even restores the condition of damaged muscles.
• They can be eaten raw once they are already ripe.
• They can be turned into a healthy snack in the form of banana chips.
• In countries which have a tropical climate, bananas serve as the main ingredient in several cool drinks.
• They can also be found in cakes, pies, salads and other delicious desserts.

What are Plantains?

• They are a banana’s cousins.
• They look like huge bananas which are not ripe yet.
• However, they are not fruits. They are considered as vegetables.
• They have thicker outer coverings and they are definitely longer than their ‘cousin’.
• They have a firm texture which makes them inedible when raw.
• They contain vitamin C, A and fiber.
• They have low sugar content but high starch content.
• They need to be cooked before they are eaten.
• They are “drier” than bananas from the inside.
• They have a bland flavor when they are not yet ripe.
• They develop a sweeter taste once they are already ripe.
• They contain a lot of carbohydrates.
• They can act as side dishes when fried or baked.
• They are said to be the “Caribbean potatoes”.
• They serve as ingredients in several Caribbean and Indian recipes.

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