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What's Different between Regular Yogurt and Greek Yogurt?

What Makes Regular Yogurt Different From Greek Yogurt?

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Health conscious individuals are simply addicted to yogurts. Well, we can’t blame them. There are just a lot of minerals and vitamins which can be found in these foods. However, what is a Greek yogurt? Have you already heard of that product? If you haven’t, then let this article introduce you to this new kind of yogurt.

What is Regular Yogurt?

• It is a snack which has incredible taste and has a high amount of probiotics. Thus, it a delicious treat for all the health enthusiasts out there.
• Actually, yogurts can also serve as salad dressings, side dishes or even your daily light breakfast meals.
• It undergoes double straining procedure.

What is Greek Yogurt?

• It is a yogurt which has Greek protein that makes it healthier than the standard yogurt. The protein doubles the nutritional benefits of this special yogurt.
• Because of its less sodium content, Greek yogurt is recommended to people who have cardiac illnesses and high blood pressure. It is certainly suited with middle aged or even much older people.
• This type of yogurt is certainly thicker and contains more cream than the usual one which makes people choose it over the regular yogurt that they have been accustomed to.
• It has no artificial thickener and more water and whey are being eliminated from it during its preparation stage. So, if you are someone who wants to consume only natural products as much as possible, then we are suggesting that you give this special yogurt a try.
• However, it contains less carbohydrates and calcium than the standard yogurt. Thus, if you need those things to be included in your daily diet, then it would be best for you to buy the regular yogurt instead.
• It goes through triple straining procedure which explains its thicker and creamier texture.

Yogurt comes from milk that has had healthy bacteria added, causing it to ferment. During this process, yogurt thickens and takes on a slightly tangy taste. Yogurt is then strained through cheesecloth, which allows the liquid whey part of milk to drain off. Regular yogurt is strained twice, while Greek yogurt is strained three times to remove more whey (leaving a thicker consistency). While all yogurts provides numerous health benefits, the nutritional status for Greek yogurt and regular yogurt do differ. If you want some healthy snacks then you can try sheffafoods. It is good option for healthy as well as tasty option.

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