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What Makes Frozen Yogurt Different From Ice Cream?

How is Frozen Yogurt Different From Ice Cream?

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The Similarities between a Frozen Yogurt and an Ice Cream

Before we tackle the differences of these two frozen desserts, let get to know their similarities first.

• They both contain Vitamin B and calcium which are needed by the human body to maintain its condition.
• They have sugar and fat as their ingredients.
• They can also contain more than 1 flavoring.
• They are desserts that are based on milk. Thus, they are not suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.
• They can be low fat for all the health enthusiasts out there.
• They usually come in cones or cups in several restaurants.
• They are constantly being churned during production and they are both heated in low temperature.
• They are available in different colors and flavors.

What is a Frozen Yogurt?

• It became known to the public 200 years after the Americans knew about the delights of an ice cream.
• The people in United States didn’t instantly become huge fans of the product. They only started eating it 10 years after when a delectable version of the yogurt came out in the market.
• It is produced through fermentation in which live cultures are being added to the milk that is used in the frozen product.
• It is generally a healthier dessert than ice cream.
• It contains probiotics which destroy the ‘bad’ bacteria in the human body resulting to a stronger immune system. You just have to search for a yogurt which has a Live Active Culture seal on its label for you to enjoy this healthy benefit.

What is an Ice Cream?

• It is a dessert which became known to Americans in the year 1176.
• Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the live cultures which can be found in most frozen yogurts.

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