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What are the Advantages of Eating Protein Rich Foods?

What kind of health benefits does a person get out of eating Protein in their diet?

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The Advantages of Eating Protein Rich Foods

Protein turns into amino acid when taken into our body. This nutrient helps the human system to produce healthy blood cells and maintain the condition of muscle tissues. Actually, our body is able to produce its own amino acids but protein rich foods are still needed by our system for it to function well.

A protein has twenty two types and has 2 main classifications: non-essential/incomplete and essential/complete.

Sources of Non-Essential Proteins:

• whole grain
• beans
• almonds

Sources of Essential Proteins:

• fish
• poultry
• milk
• eggs

Benefits of the Nutrient:

• It gives a person healthier looking nails, hair and skin.
• It ensures stronger bones.
• It strengthens an individual’s immune system as well.
• It supplies a sufficient amount of energy for the human body to sustain fatigue.
• It helps broken tissues heal faster.

For you to acquire all of the benefits mentioned above, you must be able to take 0.8 g of the nutrient per kg of your weight on a regular basis. If you are a teenager, a child, an injured athlete or a pregnant woman, then you would need to take a higher level of protein to help you grow or cope with the changes in your body.

However, you need to eat protein rich foods in moderation. Too much of the nutrient inside your body can lead to an imbalanced diet which can make you feel nauseated and tired all of the time. These conditions are brought about by the lack of carbohydrates in your meal which resulted to the abnormal production of ketonin into your bloodstream. Thus, you won’t be able to do your activities well for you will feel disoriented because of too much protein.

Disadvantages of Not Eating Protein Rich Foods:

• weakened muscles
• longer tissue repair
• interrupted blood circulation
• hypertension
• anemia

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