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How is a Taco different from a Burrito?

What Makes a Taco Distinct From a Burrito?

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Both dishes came from Mexico and they both have rolled fillings in flatbread wrappers. However, they are totally different from each other and here are the reasons why:


• It has vegetables, meat, rice or cheese and beans in its filling. This is what a standard Mexican burrito looks like.
• Its filling is tightly wrapped and not just rolled or folded compared to what is done in a taco.
• It has a face sized wheat tortilla as its wrapper which makes it a bigger food.
• The tortilla of a burrito can also be made into a tomato or spinach tortilla depending on the preference of a chef.
• It is a modern food which was invented in the 2000s to serve as someone’s lunch or dinner minus the standard plate. Thus, it is very suitable for someone who has a busy working schedule.
• It can satisfy one’s hunger in only one setting because of its large size and various fillings.
• It is bigger than a taco.


• It can either have a soft or hard wrapper. It would all depend on your choice.
• It usually has pulled pork or carne asada in its filling but more ingredients can certainly be added to it.
• Its traditional version has sour cream, salsa or other sauces and its filling is wrapped using a hand-sized corn tortilla (warmed).
• Its origin even dates back to the Mesoamerican era which makes it an ancient food which is still loved by countless people all over the world.
• It needs to be served in large quantities for people who are really hungry.
• It is smaller than a burrito because of its wrapper.
• It can be fried or made with a wheat tortilla if it’s available outside Mexico.

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