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What is the difference between Dinner and Supper?

What Makes Dinner Different From Supper?

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If you think that dinner and supper refer to the same meal, then it’s time for you to change that notion. These two terms are completely different from each other. Also, you have to take note that they can be defined personally or culturally. Thus, they can have different implications to two people who came from countries which have opposing cultures.

What is Dinner?

• It is a meal which is consumed between 2 to 5pm in the United States. This definition is only applicable in the US but it’s the most general difference that one can get to draw that line between dinner and supper.
• Dinner is taken by kids in Israel by 1 or 2pm. We may consider this as a snack period in our country but then again, that’s how Israelites give meaning to the word dinner.
• However, Australians view dinner as their main meal for the night.
• To dine means to eat a heavy meal at a specific time of the day. Thus, you can have your dinner at night or you can have it in the morning. The concept of this term would really depend on the culture of the country that you belong to. If you are accustomed to calling your lunch as your dinner, then so be it. The use of this word varies from one country to another so don’t make a huge fuss over it.

What is Supper?

• It is a meal that is taken by Americans between 7 to 11pm.
• However, late night treats and snacks are what people in Australia consider as their supper.
• This term has a root word sup which means “to consume a light meal”.

Note: The application of these terms would depend on your eating habits, culture and country.

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