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What are the Best Slim iPhone 5 cases?

What are the best thin cases for the iPhone 5?

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There are a lot of iPhone 5 cases out there, and various thin cases you can get for your iPhone 5. I recently picked up the Photive Natural Slim Case at amazon and have to say it's a really nice case for the iPhone 5! It gives the iPhone 5 just enough protection from picking up scratches on the back and sides, while maintaining the iPhone 5's sleek look. It's also got a nice feel to it, that will keep it from slipping around in (or out of) your pocket. It's also priced right for an iPhone 5 slim case!

List of the Best iPhone 5 Thin Cases:
1) Photive Natural Slim Case for Apple iPhone 5 - $9.95
2) Desmay Slight 5 for iPhone 5 - $22.99
3) SwitchEasy NUDE™ For iPhone 5 - $19.95

List of the Best Slim Cases for White iPhone 5:
1) elago S5 Slim Fit 2 Case for iPhone 5 - $9.99
2) i-Blason Slim Fit Air Jacket Case for Apple New iPhone 5 - $14.95
3) Rearth LF White - Apple iPhone 5 Ringke SLIM - $9.99
4) Laza iPhone 5 Slim Jelly Gloss Case Flexible Soft Slim-fit  - $9.99

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