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What are the Best iPhone Photo Timer apps?

What are the best camera timer apps for the iPhone?  What apps allow you to set self-timers on the iphone camera when taking a picture?

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Here are list of some of the Best Self-Timer apps for the iPhone camera: 

1) Camera+ (inludes a Timer of 5, 15, 30 seconds) - Camera+ offers up to 6 times zoom, a stabilizer, a built-in Timer, a burst option, the use of iPhone LED flash, and the ability to use either the front and rear facing camera. The picture quality has also been shown to be better than that of the stock camera app

2) Photo Timer - Simple to use. Just tap the numbers to change the time interval. Timer options include 2-5-10-15-30-60-120-300 second intervals. A small picture count appears in the upper right as well letting you know how many pictures you have taken with photo timer. This helps you keep track of the photos you have taken and lets you know whether you got the group shot you wanted. 

3) Self Timer - Self Timer allows you to delay the shutter release, giving you time between pushing the button and taking the actual photo. Once you push the button, a beeping sound is emitted which becomes faster as the moment of the shot approaches. 

4) TimerCam Pro - Self Timer Camera - Easy way to take pictures with a self-timer.

5) Auto Shutter 2.0 - Utility for taking photos using an autoshutter timer. The only thing you must do is to configurate the delay time, tap the icon, wait and the photo will be taken.
To know when it is going to take the photo, the last 4 seconds a beep will be played.

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