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What is the Best iPhone apps to locate a Stolen iphone?

What are the best iphone apps to for finding the location of your stolen iphone or ipad?

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The Find My iPhone app, is one of the best stolen Phone locater iPhone apps. A good number of people who have used the free app successfully to find their iphones after they've been stolen or lost.

1) Find My iPhone app - A popular free iOS option from Apple, which lets you use another iOS device to locate the lost iOS device.  Find My iPhone is connected into iCloud so you can Use Find My iPhone on an iOS device or on a Mac or PC to take
additional actions.

2) Gadget Trak - Will track your phone using Wi-Fi networks and will use the camera to snap a photo of the thieves.

3) Lookout Mobile Security - sounds an alarm so you can find you iPhone if it has been stolen nearby or just misplaced.

4) AirCover Security Suite - uses a map so you can locate the device. You can then send a message out if you've lost the phone, or wipe the device clean.

5) LocateMyPhone - Allows you to track and locate your phone if it gets lost or stolen

Other notable security mentions: Project Prey, is an open source anti-theft app that lets you keep track of your phone, laptop and other gadgets. It will track the device and snap screen shots of the criminal.

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