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What are the best iPhone Photo Editing Apps?

Which are the top Photo Editing Apps recommened for the iphone or ipad?

1 Answer

Here are some of the best photo-editing apps to turn your iphone into an photo imaging powerhouse.

1) Camera+ -- Must have photo app to tweak and crop photos.
2) Filterstorm -- Most powerful photo app editing tool to date, that let's you do everything that photoshop did 5 years ago.
3) PhotoForge2 -- Lot's of effects you'd find in photoshop.
4) Average Camera Pro -- Great app to shoot moving images at a fast rate.
5) Photosynth -- Allows to snap 360-degree panorama photos.
6) LensFlare -- Tons of lens flare effects.
7) AntiCrop -- Extend images and change dimensions of photo.
8) Decim8 -- Weirdest iphone photo editing app to make photos glitchy and different.

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