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Will I lose Text Messages when upgrading to iPhone 5?

Will I lose Text Messages when upgrading my iPhone to iPhone 5? I am planning to restore from a backup of my old iPhone using iTunes, but will it keep text messages when you set up the new iPhone 5?

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No, you should not lose text messages if you restore your new iPhone 5 using a current backup copy of your old iPhone that contains all your text messages.

iTunes will transfer over texts when you upgrade to the iPhone 5 using the Restore from Backup. You'll just want to make sure you have backed up your old phone within the last day or else when you go to Restore the backup you may get a much older back up copy, that will be missing text messages.

No. The following info shows you how to transferring information from your current iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device.

Or you can use a program called Backuptrans iPhone SMS Transfer to move messages from old iPhone to your new iPhone 5 directly.

Hope this can help.

Yeah, if you upgrade your iPhone, you will lost your all files, so, you need to backup iPhone to iTunes, or to iCloud, or to computer, here is the solution is about how to save sms to computer:

Actually, if you are worried that you will lose your Text Messages when upgrading to iPhone 5. I can introduce a useful program to help you to recover them which called iPhone data recovery. It is a convenient and efficient device, which can scan your text meaasges quickly to restore it. One way is to recover the lost text message directly; another way is to restore text messages from an iPhone backup, on the basis that you have used iTunes to manage your iPhone.

More information:

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