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How do you Turn Off Low Supply Notifications on Amazon Echo?

How can I stop from getting Amazon Low Supply notifications on my Echo devices? I'm not interested in getting notified of products I've purchased on amazon that might be running low. How can I turn off the Low Supply notifications from randomly announced when using my Echo?

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To Turn OFF Low Supply Notifications or other amazon recommendations do the following:
1) Turn off 'Recommendations & Deals' in the Alexa Shopping settings on here: Alexa Shopping Notifications. I would also turn off 'Order Updates'.

2) Also Turn off Reorder notifications in the Alexa app. Open the Amazon Alexa app -> then tap the 'More' menu button in the bottom right corner -> now go to 'Settings' -> then go to 'Notifications' -> then 'Amazon Shopping' -> then Disable 'Recommendations & Deals' and also disable 'Order Updates'

Keep in mind: I had disabled the 'Recommendations & Deals' and 'Order Updates' on the app, but when I went to the Alexa Shopping settings page on, the Recommendations & Deals' was still Enabled, so make sure that they are disabled on the Alexa App and on

Hopefully, that will turn off Alexa Low Supply Notifications.

I have disabled everything on that page except for Delivery Notifications (Out for delivery / Delivered).

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