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How can I Turn Off Alexa Reorder Notifications?

I don't want Alexa notifications to remind me when I might be out of a product I previously ordered? How can I disable reorder notifications from Alexa echo devices?

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To turn off Reorder notifications, go to the Alexa app -> then tap the 'More' menu button in the lower right corner -> now go to 'Settings' -> then go to 'Notifications' -> then 'Amazon Shopping' -> then Disable 'Recommendations & Deals'

Turning off Recommendations & Deals should stop Alexa from disable Alexa reorder recommendations of products you've previously purchased on amazon.

UPDATE 5-12-2021: You may also need to change your Alexa settings on here: Alexa Shopping Notifications

NOTE: I had disabled the 'Recommendations & Deals' on the app, but when I went to the amazon link above (Alexa shopping notifcations page) on, the Recommendations & Deals' was still Enabled, so I turned it off on the website. Hopefully, that will also turn off Alexa Low Supply Notifications.

I have disabled everything on that page except for Delivery Notifications (Out for delivery / Delivered).

You may also disable items you purchased from being recommended.  Go to here: Improve Your Recommendations and check the box for products you don't want recommended.


Doesnt work. I have that option disable and just received a shopping reminder that "it may be time to order more".

Maybe turn off voice purchasing? I am having the same issue. I just turned mine off so hopefully the notifications will stop as it is the only thing I have enabled as far as I can tell.


I may have found an answer. Settings, Amazon Shopping. Turn off Order Updates and also Recommendations and Deals.


I have turned off all notifications under Shopping and I still get reorder reminders.


Was this figured out? I did all the notifications like Bob and it still reminds me. Not awesome when i have people over and i ask Alexa to do something and it reminds me to restock up on personal lubricant. It's really quite awful!


Worst feature ever. Ready to get rid of my Alexa because of these embarrassing reminders.


What a dumb feature. This should be turned DEFAULT.

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