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How can I Turn Off Alexa Reorder Notifications?

I don't want Alexa notifications to remind me when I might be out of a product I previously ordered? How can I disable reorder notifications from Alexa echo devices?

4 Answers

To turn off Reorder notifications, go to the Alexa app -> then tap the menu button in the upper left corner -> now go to 'Settings' -> then go to 'Notifications' -> then 'Amazon Shopping' -> then disable 'Recommendations & Deals'

Turning off Recommendations & Deals should stop Alexa from disable Alexa reorder recommendations of products you've previously purchased on amazon.


Doesnt work. I have that option disable and just received a shopping reminder that "it may be time to order more".

Maybe turn off voice purchasing? I am having the same issue. I just turned mine off so hopefully the notifications will stop as it is the only thing I have enabled as far as I can tell.


I may have found an answer. Settings, Amazon Shopping. Turn off Order Updates and also Recommendations and Deals.

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