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How can I get rid of "buy it again" list on amazon?

How do you get rid of "buy it again" products on amazon? I don't want to see the "Buy it Again" list.

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You can get rid of certain products from the "Buy it Again" list from amazon. To do so do the following:

1) Login to your Amazon account.
2) From the top menu bar, Click on "Your Account"
3) Then scroll down and click on "Improve Your Recommendations" or just click here
4) You can then find Items you've purchased
5) Check the box next to Items you "Don't use for recommendations", after checked you should see a "Saved" message highlighted, just above the checkbox.

The products you checked, will no longer appear in the Buy It Again list on amazon.


I tried the offered solution and it didn't work :(.


It worked for me, THANKS!


Login to Amazon, go to Your Account | Your Recommendations. In that new page, you'll get categories for all your recommendations.

Click one category, and you'll see an option for View All & Manage. Click it. Near the top for Edit Recommendations. Turn that on, and you can you choose to remove the item or get more like it.


I'd prefer to remove the entire list. The other lists are great and useful, but the buy it again list is annoying. I know I already bought it. If I need to buy it again, I will. I don't need a recommendation to buy something I already bought.


thank you "Improve Your Recommendations" is the best ;)


Going into “improve your recommendations” removes the items from your “Buy it again” list

If you need to remove items from your order history, go into your orders list (on desktop) and archive orders to hide from your purchase history. They aren’t permanently deleted but they are at least hidden and harder to find


To remove an item that I don’t want to order ever again, is my only option to delete the entire order that the item is on?


Go to "Buy Again", Right click on the item picture you want to delete and hold for about 5 seconds. A pop-up window will appear with the option "Remove this Recommendation". If you don't hold long enough or hold too long, the pop-up does not appear.
When I went back a couple days later to remove some more items, this did not work. All I had to do, was Left click on the picture and the pop-up appeared with the remove option.
Make sure you click on the picture and not on the description or "Add to Cart".
I am assuming that once I did the initial action it reset something with my account.


Tom M,

That one worked. I was going nuts for a year on stuff I never wanted to order again or already had. Amazon customer support is less than a pile of rocks! Thanks

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