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What would you rather have a Kindle, an Apple iPad or a Netbook?

If you could choose between these three devices, a Kindle, an Apple iPad, or a Netbook, which would you rather have?

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I'd absolutely choose an Apple iPad. I've never been a fan of the Kindle. In my opinion, unless you're a serious book reader or you want to read books outside, there's not too many reasons why I would want to get a Kindle. Netbooks are pretty cool if you want a smaller laptop, but most of them aren't that fast and the screens are tiny. On the plus side, both the Kindle and most Netbooks are typically cheaper than the what the iPad is priced at currently.

The iPad has the potential to be the all purpose device for your home... whether you want to use it in the kitchen (for recipes), in the bedroom (for reading a book or watching a movie), in the bathroom (as the coolest "magazine" ever on your magazine rack), or in your family room while on the couch. It's such a versitile device, that it could be used as the universal remote control for your home entertainment system or even to start your coffee maker while your still in bed. There's so many possiblities for the iPad, along with the obvious uses such as browsing the internet, reading books or newspapers, watching movies, listening to music and playing games. Let's not forget all the hundreds of thousands of apps that you can download to it, as well as its light weight and ease of portability when traveling.

While it may take a little while for the iPad to truly take hold, I think that the iPad has the potential to be the device of the decade, and will be found in most house's just like the desktop computer begin making it's way into households during the 90's. We shall see if this comes to forewishing. Either way, I'd definitely get an iPad. Although, I might wait a year for the next version to be released before I run out and buy one.

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