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What is Antisocial Behavior?

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Antisocial Behavior is most often seen in boys than in girls. This type of psychological disorder has been very popular because it is quite common and has contributed much to many of the crimes. A person with Antisocial Behavior manifests several characteristics or symptoms.

Common Causes
Antisocial Behavior is first and foremost a psychological disorder that springs from heredity. This is quite hard to explain since further studies are still needed to be done in order to learn more on the genetic aspect of the disorder.
Environmental factors have been largely linked with this disorder as well as other personality disorder. Children who grew up in a dysfunctional family often show symptoms of the disorder. This in turn would not allow them to create healthy relationships with other human beings and may often result in devastating events when things go out of control such as murder and robbery.
Children who were mistreated by their parents or any primary caregiver are prone to developing the disorder. At first, it is called as Juvenile Delinquency. Once untreated, it will result to Antisocial Behavior or any other personality disorder.

Symptoms of a Person with Antisocial Behavior
Usually, a person with this kind of disorder is often charming and can meet a lot of friends. He or she at first looks to be very outgoing and fun to be with. They use their charm to get what they want and get away from their mistakes. They show little to no remorse on the effects of their actions and would often find pleasure in it.
People who are antisocial, as what most would call them, only think about themselves. They don’t care what others may think or feel as long as they find pleasure in their actions. What at first seemed like a charming person would now turn into an aggressive and abusive person. Telling lies is normal to them and it is necessary for their “survival.” They are impulsive and manipulative as well as over confident. They are cruel and love to pick fights.

Treating Antisocial Behavior
Unfortunately, this type of personality disorder is very hard to treat with medications. It will need collaboration with therapies to see the positive results. Children who manifest signs of this disorder earlier can be treated with preventive measures and behavioral therapies.

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