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What is the traditional gift for 10th year wedding anniversary?

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"Tin is the traditional material for the 10th wedding anniversary.

For a unique gift, give a love poem or favorite picture in a tin or pewter frame. We like the '10' tin frame to the left or the pewter frame in the righthand column. Pewter is an alloy that is 85-99% tin so this material is also still on theme. Pair your frame with a red rose for that extra touch.

For the modern material aluminum, home decorations such as a framed mirror adds unique elegance to a room. Historically, the aluminum material may have once included aluminum cookware so feel free to substitute an anodized or stainless steel set instead. The aluminum tipped flowers to the left would also be a unique idea.

When looking for gifts to give your wife, particularly on a special year like the tenth anniversary, if your budget allows, give consideration to the idea of diamond jewelry - the alternative modern material. If you really want to stay totally on theme, try artistic jewelry that combines tin and diamond, such as the 'twist' pendant to the right.

In the case of jewelry, we would recommend artistic tin or pewter jewelry, white gold with diamonds, or platinum. Jewelry is a great gift for marking a special anniversary like the 10th because she will think of you every time she wears it."

In my opinion, diamond rings with beautiful pear pendants can be good gift for your wife. On my 5th anniversary, my wife wants to have a 22 karat diamond necklace. Since my selection is kind of plain and I was plagued by the sheer variety, we went with personalized diamond pendants which I purchased from the diamond store.

There are varieties of designs, shapes and colors are available in the market. You should select one only after ensuring its quality.

you can give her a happiness bronze gift. You can find that on bellow website. Happiness Bronze in a open hand is a very traditional and precious gift to give her to say that your happiness is in her hand or with her only and it is a great way to say her thanks to be with you for all the time.

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