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What does Daddy Issues mean?

What are the Implications of Daddy Issues?

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What are Daddy Issues?

• These conditions result from a father’s rejection or lack of time for his own daughter. He might have done these actions due to his career but leaving one’s daughter alone to face life’s problems can cause her so much damage than this father can ever imagine.
• Being physically abused by one’s father
• Having a very unreliable father who doesn’t look for a stable job in order for him to better support his family.
• Having an emotionally detached father. Some fathers are just not capable of showing their love for their daughters.

Effects of Daddy Issues

• The affected daughter enters in a sexual relationship at such an early age.
• She becomes emotionally weak leaning more to her boyfriend.
• She loses confidence in herself and tends to be insecure with her friends who have such wonderful fathers.
• She begins to develop a low self esteem and she begins to think that she’s unattractive for her father never told her otherwise.
• She might prefer to date older men who have traits similar to her father’s or men who resemble her father physically.
• She might become a masochist due to the physical abuse that she has received from her father.
• She doesn’t do well in her career.
• She begins to acquire a huge “hole” in her life that no other men can fill. Thus, she continues to long for a father who was never there for her.
• Women who have persistent daddy issues are most likely to have failed relationships and broken marriages. Thus, she really needs to settle things with her father no matter how much it will hurt her. It’s the only way to free the victim from the emotional burden that she has been suffering all her life.

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