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Do Men really Brag about Sex?

Is it common for men to brag about sex they've had with women (girlfriends, ex-girlfriends) to other male friends?

2 Answers

Yes, men will brag about sex. Usually, they will brag about having sex with particular women to their guy friends after they are no longer seeing the person they were having sex with. While in a relationship, they might not brag too much. 

Although, keep in mind not all men brag about sex, nor do they feel like they need to.

Okay im a female and yes boys talk about everything to there homeboys not much exes/gfs. But boys sometimes talk even more then females and you know we talk about everything to our homegirls so you better not put it past them and they are the type to brag they love to brag about something that is gonna boost their ego.

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