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How should I deal with a crazy or annoying Neighbor?

What to do with a Bothersome Neighbor?

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What To Do With Your Bothersome Neighbor

The Factors That You Should Consider in Dealing with Your Bothersome Neighbor

• The behavior of your neighbor that is bothering you
• The nature of this behavior. Is it something that is against the law?
• The frequency of this behavior

If your neighbor doesn’t “misbehave” all the time, then you can just play blind and deaf to whatever it is that he or she is doing.

Here are some examples of acts that are not worth your time:

• Kids accidentally destroying the fence at the back of your home
• Your neighbor’s dog occasionally treating your garden as its “bathroom”
• Your neighbor smoking heavily outside your apartment door
• Loud disco music because of your neighbor’s birthday
• All the noisy farm animals that your neighbor has

However, if these minor things really get into your skin, then all you can do is minimize the effect that they have on you. For example, if your neighbor loves to party every month, then take the initiative to buy earplugs or a noise machine so you would be able to sleep soundly at night.

If you have a noisy neighbor and you are just staying in a small apartment, then you can place your bed far away from the wall that is side by side with your neighbor’s.

With regards to the annoying pets of your neighbor, then you can place a hedge or a privacy wall around your home to prevent their animals from destroying your backyard.

On the other hand, if your neighbor bothers you a lot, then you should tell that person about your concerns.

If a simple confrontation is not enough to put some senses into your neighbor, then seek the help of the police in your area. Sign a complaint against your neighbor because he or she deserves it. However, only do this step if your neighbor has illegal activities or if he or she imposes danger to you and your family.

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