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What are a Best Man’s Responsibilities?

What are the responsibilities or expections of a Best Man?

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Here are things that you are expected to do as your relative’s or friend’s best man in his matrimonial ceremony.

Be in charge of the groom’s bachelor party. Collect the necessary funds from all the gentlemen who are going to be there at the event and purchase the gift that will serve as the group’s token for the couple.

Make sure that the groom appears on the altar on the dot. Help him get dressed prior to that moment. You would also be in charge of the groom’s transportation to the venue so you can either rent a vehicle or drive the groom’s personal car. You can also offer to drive the married couple to the wedding’s reception venue and to airport or seaport after the event.

During the actual ceremony, you can be tasked to bring the ring of the bride to the groom at the altar. After that, you are expected to stand beside the groom in front of the hired photographers for the event’s picture taking session. You would also need to sign in the couple’s marriage certificate and give bonuses to the staff of the Church who made the occasion possible.

You would also be required to accompany the bride’s maid of honor from the church to the reception venue for she would be your dance partner and co host in that event.

If you are attending a traditional reception, then you are expected to start a toast for the married couple and give a message for both of them. You would also be in charge of giving additional payment to the staff at the hotel only if it’s necessary.

Since you have helped the groom get dressed at the start of the wedding, then you must do the same for him as he leaves for their honeymoon. Have his rented suit returned on time and place that usual “Just Got Married” sign in the couple’s car if there’s still none.

As for the gifts that the couple has received, you can keep the boxes for them temporarily or leave those things at their new home or at their parents’ place.

Being the best man in a certain wedding is not just all about fun, it’s mainly about making the occasion happen so do everything you can to value the trust that the groom has given to you.

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