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What Makes a Dad Different From a Father?

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All about Dads

• Being a dad means being taking full responsibility of your child. You don’t just let your partner take care of your kid. You take the time to be with your little one as much as you could.
• You can say that you are a child’s dad if he or she feels a sense of security and happiness in your company.
• A dad has a concrete plan for every member of his family.
• He is very caring and compassionate towards his children.
• He puts the needs of his family on top of his own. Thus, in order for a man to become a dad, he must be a selfless individual.
• He doesn’t care if he runs out of money to treat his friends as long as he made his children happy first.
• He is the type of guy that can make a marriage last for a lifetime. Thus, if you’re a single lady looking for a lifetime partner, then you should search for a man who can be the dad of your future children.

All about Fathers

• Being a father lacks the full responsibility of being a dad. If you still act like you’re single even if you already have a child, then you are doing what a father does.
• A father is basically happy to be free of the responsibility of raising a family.
• He has the tendency to leave his family whenever a problem arises among them.
• He doesn’t make an effort to keep the family together especially when he is having conflicts with his partner.
• He sees his needs as more important than that of his family.
• He is already satisfied of being able to provide for the basic needs of his family. Other things beyond that point are none of his concerns.

A dad could just be a sperm donor. he walks out on the child and will never turn back unless the child become really sucessful. A father is there all the time he never leaves. He would love that child no matter what.....

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