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How come my child doesn't have any friends?

How do you deal with a Child who is socially Inept and has no friends?

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Does your child have no friends in his or her school? Listed below are the probable reasons for your little one’s condition:

• He or she might just need a few days to adjust with his or her new school and your child may eventually gain friends at the end of the week.
• Your child’s learning or physical disabilities
• His or her hyperactive or sensitive nature
• The race or cultural difference between his or her classmates
• He or she finds it hard to socialize with his or her peer group.
• His or her classmates think that your child’s too intelligent to be their friend.
• He or she doesn’t believe in oneself that much.
• He or she tends to be too shy among other people.

A child who has no friend is often:

• lazy in school
• depressed
• sad
• distant

Thus, never allow your child to continue acting this way. Help him or her grow socially for one to be ready for the real life.

Now, how do you make your child come out from his or her shell?

• You can invite his or her friends to your home for your child to have an increased self esteem for he or she is aware that they would be playing in an environment that one is familiar with.
• You can give your child rewards or positive remarks every time he or she participates in a conversation with one’s peers.
• Encourage your little one to join friendship groups.
• You can also pair your child with younger children to prepare him or her to mingle with his or her own classmates. This would certainly increase your child’s self confidence as well.

What if your child’s physically impaired?

• First, never blame yourself for your child’s condition. Second, find classmates that are willing to be your child’s friend regardless of his or her state.

What if your child’s too smart for his or her age?

• Your child’s high IQ might lead him or her to create a language barrier among his or her peers without the intention of doing so. Thus, as a parent it is your responsibility to first find another child in the classroom that has the same situation with your child. Pairing them up would certainly help your little one to finally create a friendly connection.
• After that, you can teach them the proper way of interacting, sharing and listening to his or her other classmates for your child to have a wider circle of friends. Just continue to develop their social being and be patient with your child’s progress.

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