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What Makes Relationships Different From Dating?

Differences between Relationships versus Dating?

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All about Dating

• It is a process that two people have to go through for them to know if they are romantically compatible with each other.
• They get to know more about each other in this process.
• This can be a date in the park, beach or movie house. It can be any activity that both parties would enjoy.
• It all starts with the romantic feelings that the two persons have for each other.
• However, individuals who are dating are not committed to each other. They can date as many prospects as they want.

All about Relationships

• Individuals from the opposite genders or even from the same genders can be connected by a relationship.
• A relation can exist without romantic feelings between the two persons involved. However, some relationships do work in this kind of manner.
• You need to be with someone in order for you to develop a relationship.
• Constant and effective communication is also needed in this type of connection.
• If you are already in a relationship, then this only means that you have already surpassed the getting to know stage with your partner.
• Your topics already evolve around more intimate details.
• You start to make decisions together. You begin to listen to each other’s suggestions and opinions.
• If you are in a romantic relationship, then you can call the other person as your girlfriend or boyfriend. You can also use other names of endearment.
• The professional connection that you have with your boss can be considered as a relationship. Your physician can also be someone whom you can have a professional relationship with.
• There is commitment in a relationship. People who are in a relationship are expected to decline suitors and causal flirting from other individuals.

In dating someone you may not be serious just doing it for fun, but in relationships you are serious and don't do things that breaks the relation.

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