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Define the differences between Happiness and Joy?

Happiness and Joy, how are they different?

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Joy and happiness are often mistaken as the same and are often used interchangeably. True, these two are emotions or feelings that are wanted or desired by everyone but these two terms are actually different.

Happiness is a feeling or an emotion that is felt due to several factors. It can be material, events, people, relationships, or food. It is a state of well-being that is experienced through external factors. It is a sense of pleasure that is being brought to a person when the person observes a pleasurable sight, receives gifts, experience great relationships, and many others. However, happiness is only temporary, a fleeting experience that can easily be removed by other external factors as well. It is termed as “materialistic” because the source of happiness only lies on worldly pleasures.

Joy is termed as an extension of happiness but on a deeper level. Joy is actually feeling contentment of what you have. It is an experience that is derived from within self, not through external means. Oftentimes, joy is experienced when a person feels content of what he or she has, being valued or appreciated, or just feeling positive. If happiness is the state of well-being, joy is the state of happiness. It is a feeling that warms a person’s heart. Since joy comes from within, it is not easily taken away. It is not a fleeting emotion but rather a sense of attitude or outlook on life.

Happiness and joy must be felt by a person. Joy can sometimes not be felt when the person has not entered the feeling of being happy. Happiness is actually one of the first steps to experience joy. Experiencing joy may not be easy like happiness. It will take a lot of acceptance as well as contentment to experience genuine joy. Happy people are not all the time joyful.

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