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Is a massage a good gift for my girlfriend for her birthday?

Will my girlfriend like getting a gift certificate for a massage for her birthday?

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Yes, a gift certificate for a professional massage will be great gift for your girlfriend. Women love getting massages, especially with other girlfriends. So you may want to make the gift certificate enough so she can bring one of her girl friends (or you).

Well, why don't you find something more interesting? I would suggest you to try some flowers, candle light dinner at your home with large canvas of her photos. I think with will amaze her more and would love yu more. Girls love surprises and this would be great if you surprise her with her pictures. I would suggest you to Google online some good sites that can help you with this idea. You can easily book beautiful flowers, food online and try sites that can help you to create canvas. I know one of them is Here you can just upload the pictures you want to frame, select dimensions, frames, pattern etc, pay them money and they will then deliver you your canvas in a week. This is really good as you don't have to do much and sittings at home, all your surprises would be done.

Don't you think its a good idea? Just give a thought...

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